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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Facebook post Via Anus!

Wadsuppppp FAN(s), < ----- (not sure i have only a fan or many)

Ever thought of making your own weird place posts?? Via a potato, microwave or even an Anus?

Now you can!! woohoooo..... huraayyy.. 

Okay, here's how you can create some weird places post if you don't wanna have posts from via Blackberry, Iphone or whatsoever mainstream places. 

Step 1 : Go to  website. Its free and extremely user-friendly to do weird stuffs there.

Step 2: Take a look at the far right of the webpage. You will find a list of colorful, clickable links. That list consist of home, update via, emoji status,etc. Just click onto "Update Via"

Step 3: After you clicked it, you will find yourself in another page. Choose your preferred language and you will get a super long list of weird places!!! For example, i chose "Heaven" as my posting medium!

Step 4: Once you're done, its time to get started on thinking of a post you wanna put onto a friend's wall or your own's! Whichever would make you happy. If you want your post to come from an anus, my suggestion would be "Its dark and smelly down here~". Disgusting, I know. After thinking of a special post, click onto the "Update Via XXXXX" and WRITE YOUR POST!!!!!!!!! or if you wanna post it to a friend, click the other link under "Device" (its quite obvious actually)

Step 5: Check it out in Facebook to see if your post is correctly displayed!!! Show off to all your friends like me!!!

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