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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Facebook post Via Anus!

Wadsuppppp FAN(s), < ----- (not sure i have only a fan or many)

Ever thought of making your own weird place posts?? Via a potato, microwave or even an Anus?

Now you can!! woohoooo..... huraayyy.. 

Okay, here's how you can create some weird places post if you don't wanna have posts from via Blackberry, Iphone or whatsoever mainstream places. 

Step 1 : Go to  website. Its free and extremely user-friendly to do weird stuffs there.

Step 2: Take a look at the far right of the webpage. You will find a list of colorful, clickable links. That list consist of home, update via, emoji status,etc. Just click onto "Update Via"

Step 3: After you clicked it, you will find yourself in another page. Choose your preferred language and you will get a super long list of weird places!!! For example, i chose "Heaven" as my posting medium!

Step 4: Once you're done, its time to get started on thinking of a post you wanna put onto a friend's wall or your own's! Whichever would make you happy. If you want your post to come from an anus, my suggestion would be "Its dark and smelly down here~". Disgusting, I know. After thinking of a special post, click onto the "Update Via XXXXX" and WRITE YOUR POST!!!!!!!!! or if you wanna post it to a friend, click the other link under "Device" (its quite obvious actually)

Step 5: Check it out in Facebook to see if your post is correctly displayed!!! Show off to all your friends like me!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nice peter

Anyone heard about nice peter?

He's the creator of epic rap history battles on Youtube. Its some kind of awesome page whereby he cosplay into famous historical characters such as Beethoven, Einstein and many more!!

You could catch him on his page at :

He already has tens of millions of view of many of his vids! NICE

This post displays the raping battle of the famous Beethoven and Justin Bieber!! wooo....go check it out and vote for who won! For me i definitely prefer Beethoven as i never had any interest in any Bieber Fever. I'd rather catch a dengue one. Not to say that Bieber is a bad artist, his music is just not my type. Nevertheless, I have a significant amount of friends who prefer Justin Bieber, but no discrimination here~ Happy checking out all the nice vids of NICE PETER!

Thursday, 8 March 2012



Long time no post. This post in on Adele. Is she a great singer or not? My say is that shes superb. Not just any amateur, shes in fact like a rising star. I love her "Finding Someone Like You". She totally present her high pitch tone very well but not too overwhelming. Just enough to make someone feel sooth. Buts she's somewhat weird to me. as in her lyrics. Take a look at these to know what i mean --->>

And wow, she won 6 grammies! totally deserved it. Her ex boyfried must be weeping at home right now. haha. There are lots of posts on Adele going to her ex's house to thank him...bla bla bla.... Finding out that her ex is cheating on her really made a turning point to her. GReat job

Friday, 2 March 2012

How to win an argument

Its fairly simple how you can win an argument................ONLINE. You just do what all professional keyboard warriors do, CAPS LOCK THEM TO DEATH. That's the most powerful thing you can do and also the only way. CAPS LOCK makes the other party feel weaker and if he doesn't caps lock, the chances of you having him shut up is around 80%. So go try it in online games, when you got owned and don't feel really satisfied, just start an argument. YEAH

Check out this picture, definitely displays the effectiveness of cap locks

Next up, what happens if you are arguing in real life situations. You just attack them through their grammar. This really works when you are up against a team of debaters or anyone trying to argue a fact or theory. The reason behind this is that people will feel desperate when you spot their tiny errors especially grammars. So, schooling people, ya'll can try this in school, where a bunch of people are trying to question your projects. Once you shut one up, the rest will follow

GOOD LUCK! (do not argue with your teacher though)
You grades depend on them

OKAY, sadly to say the above 2 techniques apply only on men against men. When you are up against women, well.... there's only one thing to do. Which is admit you are WRONG and you must claim that you are very sorry for being wrong. And if its isn't wrong, and proven you're right, you must still keep your poker face and NEVER CORRECT THE GIRL. I REPEAT NEVER CORRECT THE GIRL. Or another disaster is coming up. Anyway good luck to all guys. You all will need it when you're in an argument.

Signing off!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Love Story

Hey guys,
Been in love before? Have a love partner? If you don't, do not fret. There are things you cant rush or try to rush. Love is a beautiful thing, very beautiful. But for some people, they are just excitements and once its not exciting anymore, boom, they switch a new one.

 I don't think that's nice at all. The other person gave you all her/his trust and full commitment and you just abandon them. You will totally break that person's heart! 

First loves are definitely hard to forget! But this might not mean its the sweetest. People in life come and go. Well, if you want to cherish the relationship you now have. Please buy some flowers occasionally or make cakes for your partners(usually that's the guy's job but girls could do it as well). 

Most importantly, Do not go look for other people for sex, if its found out by your other half, and once you lose that trust, you will never get it back

Quick peek at this awesome love story by cats!

Now, the question is, WHAT IS LOVE? Love to me is a very special feeling. You would want to do nice and sweet things for the other party without wanting anything back. And if your partner loves you too, he/she will do nice things for you too.

 Its a give and take kind of thing. Do not break someone's heart cause when you have the things you want, you might lose the person FOREVER have a look at this picture. Might give you an insight of what love actually is. Decipher it yourself!!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chocolate with 9gag

Today Im introducing some chocolate making guide by pictures from 9gag. First take a look at the nutella cheese cake guide. I am super tempted to try this one as cheesecakes and nutella are my favourites and whats best is that they are combined together . How great can that be?? This guy, who made all the cakes is my hero. Its actually his girlfriend's birthday thus he decides to spend hours of the day before her birthday making epic party cupcakes and cake. You are the boss for Nutella cheese cake!

I find the last picture quite idiotic. Its just a panda rocking his or her plastic horse. So what happens if some1 really don't find it interesting despite the effort you've put in? He gets a rocking panda? Thats not so bad compared to some posts where people point their middle finger at you and give a fuck you caption. Anyway keep on rocking!

LOOK AT THIS AWESOME KINDER SURPRISE SURPRISE! The person who made this post really rocks. His girlfriend must be a very lucky girl to have him as a husband or boyfriend. And hey girls, not all guys are heartless, take a look at this one, he seems like a really good catch. Im not sure about him being taken but if you recieve this surprise during Valentine's, you had better marry that guy or girl

Try making one, I've tried this one. It works for me but it takes a bunch of kinder surprise as you might break them during the process. This takes a great deal of patience and gentleness. And choose something small, very small. The capsule which contains the toy, is VERY SMALL. Also, if you wanna propose using this method, pray that your fiancee's finger is small enough to get a really small ring. If the ring is too big, you might wanna consider a new tactic.
Hey look! there another nutella recipe. But this one is just the end product of what nutella can do. The recipe book is the one who will be teaching you how to make those goodies! But hey, they look really awesome right? Im sure anyone who gets hold of the recipe book will be a very happy person!! I would definitely wanna be that guy. Too bad for me.... I don't really cook well. In fact, I suck at it!

Hey among those nutella goodies, what are some of your favourites? Leave it in the comments below!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil 5 : Retribution

Check out this cool new resident evil!! Resident evil is my favourite, be it the game or movies. Everything rocks about it. Milla Jovovich, the main actress in the movie is really awesome. I love her cool features who kill zombie like everyday's work. Its like killing man-eating zombies became her mundane lifestyle. The best about this movie is that they come up with a new challenge every series. From a enhanced zombie to high technology gadgets!! definitely a 10/10 star move i shall rate.